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Poem - Beat the Drums

The poem “Beat the Drums” speaks to the political tides in the United States. The leaders seek to rouse their people. The clay feet of the leaders are exposed. In the end the people face a world that they are not ready for.

Beat the Drums

Beat the drums to rouse the people,
sound an alarm to the tall trees.
The firs may not respond in kind,
but the masses will be stirred.
The stabs are by our invention,
the pains meant for us alone.
The slights are too many to be counted,
the jabs to honor wound deep down.
The total sum of this abuse
is a need to leap to Heaven's cause
thought the allies at our beck and call
may be summoned from the depths below.

The ramparts once manned by leaders brave
are now abandoned to compromise's bane.
They said our support was the succor
to maintain the world in its place.
Where the soldiers still stand in place
their impotence betrays a show of faith.
Deity calls for a higher mark
maintained by the ones below.
Absent of a call in clarity
the horns will sound for the war.
The hordes have come from the hills
and now they are at the gates.

Why did the world interfere
when all that we wanted was our way?
It was not too much to ask
given that God and history was on our side.
When did the world take a turn,
what were we doing when this occurred?
Nothing is ever perfect you see,
but at least we were in the driver's seat.
Their sins are to numerous to count,
if only they could see trangressions' depth.
Delude yourself if you will,
our leaders have told us the truth.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160307.
Tags: poem, politics

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