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Poem - Patterns Seen

The poem “Patterns Seen” is the theme I had in mind when I wrote my prior poem “Patterns”. Artistic inspiration can be unruly, leaving an inspiration and arriving at an unanticipated destination. This time I coxed the Muse into an arrival of my choosing.

Patterns Seen

Patterns seen both small and large, different if you're close or far.
Change of perspective is the key to wisdom's breadth of circumstance.
The most complex are made up of the littlest ones of all.
The simple found in the top, the intricate at the lowest point.

Look to the habitual routines as the source of unwanted patterns in your life.
Change is found in fresh patterns found, replacing those now undesired.
What came before will return, this seems to be, perhaps so,
the only hope is to be in control of patterns small within your scope.

Once found the healthy patterns propagate across the breadth of life's landscape.
Seek these as the journey bends from pattern start to pattern end.
Time is the hidden conduit of patterns that come and go.
Look to the wheel to find the frequency of the drumbeats there in the tide.

The patterns change over time, replaced, not gone, still the same.
Change is the only constant found with patterns ancient beyond counting.
Listen for the pattern with the ear, see the pattern with the eye.
Beyond knowing is acknowledgement of God's grace visited on this place.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160309.
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