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Poem - Partner for the Dance

Tumblr postings inspired to write “Partner for the Dance”. One posting was a photo, dating back the 30's, featuring two swing dancers. Another posting was of a coloring book page with the words “find your partner”.

Partner for the Dance

Find your partner for the dance,
the time has come to strut your stuff.
It takes two, a heavenly combo,
to anoint this meeting beneath the stars.

The music calls for an entrance grand
to the dance floor shared by all.
Look for the space a duo may share
as melodies become your world.

The DJ is primed to spin the tunes
for the seekers of life's last chance
to find enjoyment among the notes
of swing blues with a touch of jazz.

The evening's young and so are you,
at heart the years will fall away
as songs of past and present are played
as the chorus to swing's delight.

Any gender shall take this honor,
seek the ones of joy's pure light.
They dance for the joy of two,
each important in mutual bliss.

A better partner could not be found,
fate has brought them to your arms.
The orbs above are only matched
by divine's pure light in your arms.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160317.
Tags: dance, poem

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