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Poem - Arrange the Words

The poem “Arrange the Words” is about the workflow of creating poetry. No matter the construction technique, or the resulting structure, the goal is to reach out to the reader in an impacting way.

Arrange the Words

Arrange the words on the page,
begin with thoughts tailor made
to pull the heart strings of readers fair,
to scream the secrets held within.
Vanguard sentences lead the charge,
marshalled first as thoughts collide.
Leading edge to stanzas full,
focused intentions of the poet's will.

The story then begins to form,
short in nature but full in breadth.
Miniature may be its size,
but look to see the message concise.
The river flows through the land,
so does the poem across the page.
Hill and hollow are not seen,
instead terrain is verse proclaimed.

Perhaps to rhyme is the poet's choice,
or to repeat in syllables spoke.
Neither is required when words do speak
to the reader of poetry.
Writer's style please step aside,
there is a task the Muse requests.
This is the most important goal,
ask the mind to think and heart to flow.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160318.
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