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Poem - Share That Smile

Some people are SO INCREDIBLY LOVELY when they smile. It's not that they have too... but it takes them to another level. The poem “Share that Smile” celebrates this occasion.

Share That Smile

Chester cat, lovely incarnate,
loose your smile on me today.
Beam your radiance for all to see,
I'll take it in to lift my soul.

Family knows your inner self,
who else has glimpsed the beauty held?
The rest of us wonder what could be,
when the fullness is revealed at last.

Quiet goddess, hidden deity,
grace me with your attention today.
Come to earth for a time,
spend some time with a lesser one.

Mysterious would be your other name,
shadows deep where few have tread.
The glimpses I have seen are enough,
I'd rest in peace if this is my lot.

You visit through the dance,
reveal some measure of the larger self.
Just share that smile and I'll know
this is enough for me tonight.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160321.
Tags: beauty, poem

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