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Poem - Heroes

A friend writing about her mother inspired me to write the poem “Heroes”.


Heroes are the common place,
stone's throw from the everyday.
Look no further than arm's length
one will be found if you dare.

Not superstars or paladins,
to state these goal does tempt fate.
Feet of clay are the norm,
all will fall as humans would.

Heroes struggle everyday,
rain falls on good and bad.
A little moisture does not deter
the goal of helping another soul.

Their help comes in little ways,
a gesture here, a smile shown there,
the giver does not know their worth
when the world feels their touch.

In the end heroes are a group,
many hands create light work.
The world is blessed on the whole
when heroes come from the fold.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160322.
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