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Poem - Umbrella

Warning, "Umbrella" is not a warm and fuzzy poem. Move along if you're looking for that. Welcome and thank you for listening if you choose to read on.


I wish I had an umbrella
to put above my head.
Then I'd be dry and safe
from the sky so high above.

I wish I had solid roof,
one above all my things.
Possessions piled on top of each,
kept away from life's bad news.

I wish I had a warm blanket,
one that I would burrow inside.
I'd find my space and never leave
this comfort hole, life displaced.

I wish I had a drug filled haze,
medicated to be numb to the world.
No barbs will reach the special place,
immune to all in sleeping destiny.

I wish I had dirt filled hole,
I'd crawl inside and never wake.
Just plant some grass on top
to freshen the world above.

I wish I did not wish these things,
escape leads to death in these dreams.
Safety spirals to this extreme,
one space removed from those that love.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160323.
Tags: depression, poem

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