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Poem - Angel's Choice

The poem “Angel's Choice” began with a fragment of poem that lingered in the “source” files for a time.

Angel's Choice

It is too easy to walk the low,
path made plain to the incorrigible.
The others don't know the darkness within,
hidden companion on their left side.

They say there are seven deadly sins,
how many does it take to doom a soul?
Beware the Devil's hand,
minion consorting with willing imps.

A tale will be spun by those
with motives dark and souls to match.
Ears may listen at their risk,
to be deaf is the angel's choice.

In the end the journey is plain,
temptations are put close at hand.
Skirt the darkness if you can,
they'll take you not if in light you stand.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160324.
Tags: choice, poem, tempation

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