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Poem - Invite from the Non-Cis

The article “Trans Women Are Not Drag Queens” inspired me to write the poem “Invite from the Non-Cis”.

Invite from the Non-Cis

Please accept this nomenclature
this designation of separation
meant to illustrate you from me
clarifying what I'm meant to be.

The cis I ask you to accept
is a prefix of union combined
between body and gender identity
in the summation of the human one.

Male and male, female and female
these are cis perception and body type.
The same, matching, identical,
one alternative of the human.

The non-cis I ask you to accept
is the prefix of a civil war.
The body and gender identity
differs in binary consistency.

I use war not as a declaration
of wrongness or strife in the human body.
Instead it defines a difference between
biology and the gender of the luminary.

Here is the hardest to understand
the crux of why I beg for peace.
There are two indulgences I ask of you
each is crucial to empathy I wish to share.

The non-cis state is an always place
it matters not what clothes are worn or where.
Identity matters not with makeup graced or not
it is who I am even though the body disagrees.

The ones that I find attractive is not dependent
on what you see or what I realize I am to be.
This may confuse you that much more
labels struggle when it comes to me.

In the end I'll be non-cis and you a cis
it is who I am and who you see yourself to be.
The words are meant to be a bridge explaining
the humanity shared different yet the same.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160328.
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