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Poem - Come and Gone

If you live long enough there will be a series of lifetimes distinct and separate from each other. The people featured are sadly temporary in those forever moments. Others may come later, echoes of what came before.

Come and Gone

So many people come and gone,
associates of life's mortal journey
here one moment then not the next.

Some life in anger, others in pain.
Purpose had a hand in the minority,
fate took the rest as God saw fit.

Lovers were in the minority,
richly treasured for the life then shared
remarkable in the retrospect scarcity

Encounters had a purpose then
requisite for the script near at hand
now discarded for the next great plan.

So many lovely souls photographed,
some I knew, others knew me instead,
pictures remind us of the time then spent.

The lifetimes have passed me by,
wheels turn around to bring again
shades of those only in my memories.

Pardon me if I look seem surprised
incarnations rise to walk again
in bodily echoes of the come and gone.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160329.
Tags: memories, past, poem

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