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Poem - Echoes of Pain

Recovery from depression is a journey. The steps taken everyday. Some are small, some are large. Some are forward, some regress. There are gateways irrevocable. Through these I hope to never cross as I awake from the dream.

Echoes of Pain

To sleep and never wake
is this the answer to my dreams
of life abandoned in midstream
from echoes of pain of the past?
The limbs may be long absent
still the phantom pain persists
vampire haunts of sorrow gone
still linger resilient to efforts now.

The whole suffers for the small
while the memories are reinforced
negative in spin of past sins
by the savoring of life's failures pure
far better to remove the source
that impedes on dreams best spent
on the future unknown to all
yet full of promise for those who live.

Sleeping is best spent to dream future
not the past of failures spurned
built to towers high of brittle bone
only remembered by this lonely one
to sleep and never wake
would arrest creativity
celebrating the hope retrieved
from echoes of pain of the past.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160403.
Tags: depression, poem

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