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Poem - Spiritual Man

The poem “Spiritual Man” is an autobiographical poem.

Spiritual Man

I used to be a spiritual man,
before most knew of me
a decade in time's past
I was on another path.
The teacher's was the hat I wore
in monthly classes at Barnes and Noble.
Several topics I taught each turn,
about the moon was such one.

A path I walked with assurance
with learning taught by the elders.
To share was my fervent wish,
to learn more was my heart's desire.
The special time did arrive,
to move beyond the initiate.
Eager was my heart at hand,
worried that I would not stand.

Then the earth shifted there,
deity stood in my way.
I did not pass, I stayed in place,
trajectory made to spin away.
Nearly ten years have gone by
when I stepped from that path.
Full decade since that trail began
arrested in its infancy.

My focus is now on other loves,
none I teach to the masses.
Instead I art with photo and word
shared in the social with the world.
I still am a spiritual man,
now you see what has become
of a path walk this past decade
with you by my side this day.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160405.
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