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Poem - Super Size Me

The poem “Super Size Me” is a humorous look at what people eat. It was based on a poem fragment that I wrote a year ago and then put aside.

Super Size Me

I'm addicted to processed food,
give me that num num yum!
Maximum effort made to isolate
me from the natural world!

The highest standards do apply
to my meals science has provided.
Ensure that I have maximum GMO
for health ensured on the planet!

Factory farms are most efficient
to send animals to my plate!
They'll all be dead in the end,
so what does it matter how they live?

Spray the chemicals on my plants,
bleach them white and color them right.
I'll insist on attractive fare
even if my insides rot from the flare.

I'll eat healthy nonetheless,
you'll not catch me slacking off.
I'll have my aspartame laden
fully chemical diet cola!

I embrace the label gold standard,
sure to show I'm eating groceries.
Look for the label ‘food product’ there,
any prefix will do the trick!

Pardon me while I sup again,
McDonalds beckons a third time today.
Super size my processed food,
remove me from the natural world!

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160413.
Tags: fast food, poem

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