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Poem - In the Hand

The poem “In the Hand” is about the special place that the hand has in communicating with a dance partner.

In the Hand

In the hand the dance is held
The shared momentum of the touch
is enough to connect two souls
matched to dance in thrall tonight.
Footwork has its place,
key to moving synchronized,
but without guidance from above
the feet would be lost below.

Allow me to interject
a word of caution for the lead.
Direction is no carved in stone,
suggestion is the way to go.
Less is more, support is fine,
too much force is the devil's way.
Find the balance between the poles,
your partner will joy in safety first.

Lifeline of the fragile moment,
supporting dual ones in motion,
affirmation of purpose is acclaimed
in the grasp of lead's good grace.
So much is said with voice held mute,
spoke instead with clutching language.
The saint will listen closely
to the partner of equal stature.

Release is given with assurance,
parting fleeting for styled motion.
Each is their own in those moments
when one are two before combining.
Who dances whom I wonder,
when lead and follow reach in union.
It matters not when cooperation
is hand in hand with each other.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160415.
Tags: dance, dancing, poem

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