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Poem - Bright Day

The poem "Bright Day" is not bright, nor it is truly about the day.

Bright Day

Stalwart soldier
mission defined
hollow inside
marching along.
Bravado chimes
with fay tone
purpose implied
with mask in place.
Tasks understood
agreements made
these orders
that is my way.

Jaded traveler
passport stamped
erotic ways
exotic lays.
Return denied
one way journey
no turning back
on the long walk.
Nothing but dust
souvenirs gone
empty suitcase
this is my way.

Hello bright day
why is it so
my reflection
does not match yours.
Shadows appear
deep in their length
unseen by most
consuming me.
Solider found as
Traveler gone
beyond the veil.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160418.
Tags: depression, poem

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