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Poem - Treasure

The poem “Treasure” is another introspective exploration.


The sad tale of belongings
begins and ends with acquiring
after that there is nothing
when there is no dispensing.
Treasures of the earth
with inconsequential value
are held in higher esteem
than the greatest treasure.

Collectable cocoons beside
mementos' dusty tombs
wait to spawn madness born
of debris' steadfast hold.
No trinket is discarded
in this carnival of holding
clowns made of owners
when the most valuable is ignored.

A lifetime in the making
esteemed by the uncounted
considered the most trivial
of all my possessions.
Where is the value held
for jewel of divinity
when dust is the flavor
of God's own offspring?

This is the true madness
trinkets hold more value
than a life most treasured
by a world now shared.
The body goes to earth
belongings are forgotten
the treasure is misplaced
when madness rules the day.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160419.
Tags: depression, poem

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