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Poem - Passion's Hope

Dancing just blows my mind. There are pockets of caring and sharing, for perhaps three minutes, and then it's back to the world. For those minutes, well, there is hope.

Passion's Hope

Hope found in your face
support found in your hands
I once again feel alive
balanced between then and now.
Only in this time could I be
so close to divinity
yet a knocking is heard
in the halls of my mind.

My past has flowed away
yet a remnant is here to stay
removing me from this place
even as arms do embrace.
Begone doubt of yesteryear
shadows of lurking fears
true in their own time
now false with wheel's turn.

I've found cure in the curve
remedy in made heart made glad
deepest draught of medicine
present in your pressing form.
I'll drink you to forget
echoes only heard by me
when the song of your hands
drowns out the static of the past.

Separation has ceased to be
in drowning self's own doubt
unity excludes distraction's drone
when we are side by side.
Proximity is the chalice with
an elixir from passion's muse
here I'll be with you alone
and hope will remain with me.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160421.
Tags: dance, dancing, poem

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