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Poem - Unequally Yoked

It would be great to be friends and associates with EVERYONE. This doesn’t happen. In fact, there will be people who you love and respect, and they won't have anything to do with you. Why? Life. Choices. Circumstance. This doesn’t make them bad, and I hope I'm not bad, but it is something I am asked to respect. I respect the heck out of it, and the poem “Unequally Yoked” is a reflection on this dynamic.

Unequally Yoked

Unequally yoked is our lot
yawning gap of consequence
easily seen when we look.
By religion or generation gap
by skin color or social class
separation is easier than unison.

The elders will approve in turn
when their dogma supports boxes formed
by the high walls of different ones.
These choices are made by my friends
thought not exclusive to my peers
also associates and strangers same.

Some are forced to keep the distance
miles by land and philosophy
from the company of this humble soul.
In the end I'll respect these wishes
desires to not speak to me
these people who must keep their distance.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160422.
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