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Poem - The Ws of Life

A friend mentioned the Hindu belief that life was a game of “what”. What would happen if you were (fill in the blank)? I applaud my outgoing friends. They test the boundaries of “what”. This thought can be extended to all the Ws in an information gathering exercise about a life fully lived.

The Ws of Life

So many masks hang on the wall,
visages of the one meant to be.
Who will be shown this day
on the eve of the life meant to be?

The scripts are too many to count,
each a drama with its own delight.
What will happen when you step
into a role with consequence?

Don't wait for the perfect cue,
many are equal in latency.
When will the pose be struck
to call attention to featured one?

The stage is set for your life,
stadium readied for the show.
Where will the mark be made
against a backdrop of your choice?

God asked his child to live a life
presenting the good and the bad.
Why would you deny this request
when all the world is at your feet?

A last question before I go,
the one of power unreconciled.
How will your answer my Ws,
the path to power in your life?

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160423.
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