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Poem - Corruption

The dynamics of the current American presidential election are being driven by the angry moderate voter, at least this seems true on the Republican side. The Democrats seem to be behind the times as their angry people are on the further left. Why be angry? The people are unhappy with being manipulated for too long. The poem “Corruption” is about the source of the anger.


Choice was illusion to the meek
when selection has been made
by those with stakes in the game
of money and power to be obtained.

The orders come from high above
proclamations of the one in charge
edicts issued to the lesser folk
to tow the line or feel the whip.

We'll reap what they have sowed
in leadership of other's choice
with the demon summoned forth
by the cast of conjuror's force.

Corruption was assured to be
when priorities trumped consequence
on the field where winners are
the ones rich enough to set the rules.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160425.
Tags: poem, politics

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