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Poem - Enemies

The poem "Enemies" is not about flesh and blood opponents, unless we count ourselves as unwilling allies. It is instead about the foes of the psyche, those troubled parts of ourselves that seek to undo what could be.


It would be wrong to romanticize
the numbing ache that haunts my soul.
Still I must shine the light
on the fiends that seek my life.

These parasites do not deserve
anything more than eulogy
at their own departure realized
rather than the host on which they feed.

The thief is the constant mate
stealing joy at every chance.
What it does with the yield
is harmful to vitality.

Monster born of shadow dark,
festering in the mire of fear.
The truth will calm disquiet,
casting the glow to hearten me.

The demon seeks to rob the world
with whispers of false escapes.
The paths invited are dead ends
to a life meant to be lived.

Creature you are the very last,
devouring imp of totality.
No matter what the world may hope
you are the strongest of them all.

I pray I see myself to be
a child of God to banish these
enemies that haunt a mortal frame
and seek to damn a soul to Hell.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160427.
Tags: depression, poem, suicide

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