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Poem - Tumbled Gem

The poem “Tumbled Gem” is about the role of hardships in our lives.

Tumbled Gem

No one born with perfection's taint,
God has asked us to improve.
To this end trials cooperate
as you are thrust to be your best.
Tumbling like so many stones
finding a shine by life travail,
perfection found when the ruff
is removed to show the glow.

I see the beauty revealed to date,
there is more underneath.
Could I be brash enough
to say I'd like to further explore?
Diamonds are found in the rough,
their talents waiting for the nudge
to be disclosed to a world
too occupied to see the bloom.

I'll bear witness to the tumbled gem,
my matching bruises in sympathy
to a miracle made in God's image
on dusty earth below the divine.
I'll celebrate your inherent flaws
knowing that beauty will be consequence.
Once the world has had its way
you'll see the strength that lay within.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160430.
Tags: hardships, poem

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