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Poem - The One I'd Like to Date

I wrote a poem much like “The One I'd Like to Date” before, but I wanted to explore again the concepts of connecting with people. The struggle is real, and the barriers of gender, color, nationality, religion, or age do us no favors. In my latter life I've met an amazing group of people who I would have loved to have dated if I was younger (and still single!!!). This poem is dedicated to all those people who make my world that much more special by connecting to me in the ways we do.

The One I'd Like to Date

You are one I would like to date
though fates will deny it in this place.
The gap that we could bridge by touch
is vast in the eyes of their prejudice.

To date or not is not of consequence
as long as I see the you underneath.
A desire to know you so much more
drives me to say these bold words.

The genders vanish in passion's blush,
the same or different matters not,
plumbing is secondary to us now
when connection is all that really matters.

Colors of skin and nationality,
distractions put aside for humanity's
acknowledgment of a kindred soul
with whom I can fully relate.

Religion bends a dogmatic knee
when the spiritual has ascendancy
to determine the similarities
between you and I and divinity.

Decades spin to singularity
as interests move hearts split by age.
I'd love to dance with anyone
who sees me as an agent of grace.

Life is too short to be separate
by these quirks of circumstance.
Passion's plunge or platonic high,
your world awaits beyond this gulf.

Society would still frown at our touch,
religion chime in for as a second choir,
this does not rob the bells that ring
when I am with you my friend.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160502.
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