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Poem - So Much More

An incredibly dear friend posted a comment stating their aggravation with people saying my friend is “well spoken” or "talked white". My friend is a vibrant, capable, and very smart person. They also embrace their culture with pride. The “compliment” sounds like a two timed slap, once to them and once to their world. This inspired me to write “So Much More”. I hope I did my friend justice with these words.

So Much More

I already
know I unique
God's creation
no other one.
The product of
culture most rich
I’m part of it
and so much more.

In one sentence
you do usurp
innate power
I've attained.
Fae compliment
from another
has the impact
like a hammer.

Is this insult
of the masses?
Do you accuse
me of better?
Am I traitor
to my people
if I collude
with your manners?

I walk this line
between two worlds
alien to each
says your words.
Hear me clearly
shed your blinds
I’m not that
I’m so much more.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160502.
Tags: judging, poem, prejudice

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