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Poem - Monster's Lair

The poem “Monster's Lair” is based on a dream I experienced.

Monster's Lair

Welcome to the monster's lair
where innocents die under moon's dim glare.
The inhabitants can be strange
though after nightfall they become more deadly.
Fighting will be the only way
you'll see daylight after most perish.

The evening passes with much running
as common objects become death's instruments.
The placid ones will not object
when it is they or you in this unkind contest.
Letter openers become dire sickles
as heads are lopped off of walking dead.

The aftermath distresses me
loved ones are missing and must be found.
The aftermath offers no answers
as locals deny all in the light of day.
To stay is the only choice
it is at risk of becoming one of them.

Now I live in the monster's lair
with no memory of nights' events.
I wonder if I am still sane
this could be debatable because I stayed.
To become a creature is the way
to survive in the depths of nightmare's grip.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160501.
Tags: dream, humor, poem

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