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Poem - Poet's Crimes

The pursuit of poetry can be both fulfilling and dangerous. The poet is given license that few others embrace. The poem “Poet’s Crime” is about this dichotomy.

Poet’s Crimes

Beware the reader of poetry,
the doors are opened to many views.
The honest poet speaks from the heart,
of both of God's seraph and Satan's brood.

Words are lifted on angel's wings
or cast to depths with heart's chagrin.
The heights or depths matter not
when passion drives the heart to bleed.

Lyrics charm the feet to tap
or chill the heart to almost stop.
Pleasure or wrath are the same
with reaction wired to those who read.

Stanzas confirm a loving view
or cast aspirations on circumstance.
To speak the mind walks the line
between contrasting sentiments.

I've only hinted at the scope
of the poet's greatest crimes.
Seek what you will from the breadth
of tainted text and loving words.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160504.
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