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Poem - Somber Heart

“Somber Heart” is about the motivations of those who support controversial political figures. It is easy to paint them with a broad brush, but this does them and their motivations curt injustice. Shouting them down does little good as it only reinforces their views. In the end they strive for change with a somber heart.

Somber Heart

My words ask for deliverance
from the slander you express,
to the scarlet letter you impress
on a soul that means the best.
Stamped with the mark of the beast
the same as the one I long to see
sent to office to represent
my anger focused on incompetence.

Them's fighting words I proclaim
in vernacular of me and mine
I don't take kindly to insult
when my dismissal is the end goal.
You think you love when you hate
might makes right the battle call
as your crusades break my heart
my interest is on what's best.

Sacred towers came tumbling down
you were there on opposite side
of the wreck done to holy writ
as God and nature was blasphemed there.
In these ruins no leaders speak
beyond tired placation to my ear.
I put the blame at their feet
these guardians that doomed me here.

I seek the lone champion
to draw the sword from the stone
to make right what is now wrong
where others failed to my dismay.
Apologies will not be forthright
when culture is at the brink
when jobs are spilled as sacrifice
to the world as I'm betrayed.

You say my choice is devil sent
a rude buffoon or criminal
and from this placard you attach
the same on me as consequence.
Flaws are the mark of humanity
to remind us of our fallen state
yet you strike with too broad a brush
when you seek to still my somber heart.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160506.
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