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Poem - Solitary Guy

There was a contra dance night during which I took too few photos. I was enjoying dancing, yes, but during the portion of the evening normally given over to photography I instead spent the time talking to people. While I am very sociable (translation: sharing) online, I struggle with the whole person to person communication. Too often it seems one sided. On the night of too few photos the dialogue was shared and the continuance was mutual. The poem “Solitary Guy” explores my feelings about these moments.

Solitary Guy

In the past a solitary guy
doing my thing separated
from the world as a whole.
This ended in on a fated day
discomfort met with consequence
as my lonely ways came to an end.

You prompted me to speak
to share my life with unpracticed words
to move beyond my old limits.
I began with cooperation
to to speak share my slice of life
little did I know where this would go.

Should I lead or should I follow
what role should I shoulder
with a person I seek to address?
There are no edicts said the muse
the action is all that's asked
with no rules set to follow.

As the sentences were exchanged
insecurities begged me to stop
to cease unscripted dialogue
each set of words seemed a leap
across a chasm of consequence
in which my ego would be disgraced.

I put the fears to one side
realizing it is not a race
to be won by the most elegant.
This is not a majestic narrative
no soundtrack to worlds then shared
as I searched for what next to say.

Instead this is a cooperative affair
no higher standard for another
when rewards overcome hidden shame
discomfort still my companion
fading with every word duly spoken
and so end the role of the solitary guy.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160508.
Tags: converstation, poem

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