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Poem - Different Birds

The poem “Different Birds” contrasts the lifestyles of two types of people, with advantages and shortcomings. We as birds are somewhere in between, but is where you are what you wanted?

Different Birds

They say the sky is meant for those
who fly beyond the aviaries
risking life in limb in the blue
while the heart pines for company.
The clouds are quite neighborly
though too short in their lifetime
here in the moment in fluffy glory
then passed away as winds blow.

The sun shines on the good and bad
the rain does the same in hand
associates shared with the world
enveloping instead of close to breast.
Others may be glimpsed on the wing
perhaps pausing on the limb or wire
yet they leave to other parts
of a sky too large for solitary ones.

They say the cozy cages are best suited
for those who hold safety paramount
company secure as fellow inmates
behind the bars of gilded iron.
The perches hold the constant toys
bells and baubles seen before
ever present in the air
wallpaper to the seeking eye.

The cover comes every night
just for the inhabitants of the cage
hiding the world from the view
especially for the ones underneath.
Lastly there are the fellow inmates
see everyday in repetition
they'll never leave for the reason
that no one leaves this place alive.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160511.
Tags: freedom, loneliness, poem, risk, slavery

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