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Poem - Learn to Dance

Improvement is a balancing act between those things that are possible and the destructive dreams of what SHOULD be. The poem “Learn to Dance” is a reflection on the these thoughts.

Learn to Dance

One of these days
I will learn to dance
like the birds that fly
out of reach of these hands.
Adonis will be my form
on pedestal of humanity
demigod in body grace
resplendent in every curve.
I'll speak the words
the right time and place
with just the weight
that say what I mean.
Companions will
shine like gold
like the angels
not of this earth.
I'll walk the roads
at the time ordained
with the vistas
I'm meant to see.
Until that day I'll concede
these thoughts reveal
fantasies beyond the veil
that deny what I can really be.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160513.
Tags: disatisfaction, life, poem
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