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Poem - So Many Kisses

Some delightful blues dancing got me thinking about kisses, which are not collected during blues dancing, but you take inspiration where you find it. The poem “So Many Kisses” considers the depth and delight of kissing.

So Many Kisses

So many kisses, so little time
I'll have my kiss with you
move beyond to intimate's domain
at every opportunity life presents.

It's no gateway to excess
this rain of affection bliss
instead it is a blessing
connection made by lip to lip.

I'd taste the beauty I see
savor the flavors of loveliness
mix the fragrance with the touch
as my senses converge to only bliss.

Frame of bodily form matters not
peril of age and condition disappear
when presence is on a fine line
amplified beyond this time

We'll beyond the land of sight
exploring with eyes shut tight
as passion's windows fly wide
this is all the moment demands.

Lost in the world only two inhabit
souls connected on the plane of touch
overwhelmed by the entirety
content to remain in dual embrace.

So many kisses, not enough for me
I'll have my kiss with you
one of many if the fates comply
as opportunity favors our lives.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160518.
Tags: affection, kisses, kissing, poem

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