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Poem - Thank You Very Much

A friend posted a spoken word video featuring a plea to depressed (young) women. It was terribly well meant, but I have to say that it did very little for me. In fact, it made me angry in a way that many would not understand. In fact, the responding poem I had in mind started another way. I mellowed with a wine cooler. If a few spoken words by a poet could salve a soul, well, they really wouldn't be needed. In response I have some equally pointless words by another poet.

Thank You Very Much

Thank you very much
for the words that don't impact
sent with an intent of love
received by the heart dislodged.
I know you do mean well
speaking to the confused
if only I heard the words
in the way you meant me to.

You speak of a higher purpose
of days still yet to come
if only this had an impact
when exiting is all I want.
Promises of the better
ring hollow in my ears
you speak of highs and lows
yet only the gray appears.

The tales of lost ones gone
are meant to halt my hand
instead they fuel the rage
of the one now left behind.
Jealousy is an ugly trait
made worst by thoughts unkind
wishing for the same release
as those who have passed along.

The pit lays at my feet
the back against the wall
the chasm you cannot see
is the one I must endure.
The voices I only hear
are louder than your words
pray you'll never discover
the land beyond your world.

Perhaps you've stood here
away from angel wings
where only the devils play
with emotions so raw from pain.
I honor you've journeyed far
yet this is not your fight
where you stand is foreign soil
for those still lost in mind.

Please ignore my anger
at your well meant ways
you mean to sooth my heart
when abrasion is all I feel.
So thank you very much
just don't expect a cure
for the one you'd like to save
with a soul too far away.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160519.
Tags: depression, poem

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