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Poem - Missed You

I've found it surprising how people can sneak up on you. The poem “Missed You” takes this concept and develops a bitter-sweet story around missing somebody twice.

Missed You

I'm not sure how I missed you
when angels would have sung
praises to the only one
that should have caught my eye.
The center of all things
lost in the throes of life
if only I had gazed your way
I'd be richer in the heart.

Distraction was the biggest foe
glitter cast into the air
in the form of lesser ones
to which I focused on.
These other came and went
while you were waiting in the wings
beauty not seen by me
while others sadly took your place.

Hindsight brings stark clarity
to the comedy of opportunities
missed in passing of two ships
not docked at the same berth.
Then the fateful day arrived
manifest of weeks unwheeled
you were the center stage
in the vision of eyes revealed.

While we later had the time
our moments in the sun
the moonlight kept us apart
until the dawn found us as one.
The sun must set in its time
connections made pass away
even as you were the center piece
what's been found may be lost.

Now I am sure I miss you much
as angels cry at what's been lost
by stone monuments of life passed
never unseen in my heart.
You are the center of all things
no distraction may subvert
the place you have in my life
what's been found may be lost.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160520.
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