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Poem - Four and a Half Percent

The poem “Four and a Half Percent” is about self medication. While it is not a way of living, sometimes living is made better from it.

Four and a Half Percent

One percent to sooth the nerves
jangled by the day's events
or perhaps a lifetime made
anxiety is the bane to ban.

One percent to banish fear
drown the monster beneath the bed
push away the high shadows
make them low with fruity drink.

One percent to stop the rage
put the beast back in its cage
frenzy is the unwanted child
put to rest by libation's balm.

One percent to fill the gaps
where life is void of circumstance.
Though liquid joy will not flow
in its place is calming numb.

The last half percent doesn't hurt
reinforcement of task at hand.
Add it in to ease the struggle
add it in to kill the demons.

Now the medication has been drunk
in a cup meant for soda pop
two glass soldiers on the counter
testament to a job well done.

The world is now a better place
self medication is a drug of choice
in the form of fruitiness
God I wish this were not the case.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160521.
Tags: alcohol, poem, self medication

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