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Poem - Dip Does Boast

The poem “Dip Does Boast” tells a story about the dip that comes at the end of a dance. There are other dips, the ones that come during a dance, but the final dip has a more special place as a punctuation point to a temporary union.

Dip Does Boast

The song approaches the final chords
our dance has been heaven sent
alas all good things must end
this is the nature of earthly things.
The finale holds a special treat
one we've held in reserve
waiting for the final notes
in a dance of entwined souls.

The beginning was necessity
we both agreed to spend some time
on the floor meant for all
we only cared about our own.
To and fro was tested there
finding the common ground
abilities to match the other
with joy found in the dance.

The tempo bid us to move
through its vaulted halls
of beat enhanced by a tune
met by feet, held by hands.
There may have been a lead
or a follow in quick response
each was servant to the song
down the pathways the piper led.

The stanzas signaled us
that the song will soon expire
in the moments spent as one
to be undone by Father Time.
Wait that was not the final stretch
the writer had a jolly laugh
at our heeding of the pull
fools made glad for the reprieve.

Sadly the end is nigh
no matter our quick denial
best make the plans for the move
that caps a dance between us two.
The timing is the crucial part
of reconciling the future move
celebration formed by pose
of bodies titled close to floor.

And now the dip is ours to show
beauty flaunted to the world
as two companions meet the end
in flowing art's purest blend.
Though fancy this dip may not be
it matters only that harmony
is paid to our muse and master both
the dance embraced as dip does boast.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160523.
Tags: dancing, dip, poem

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