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Poem - The Perfect Imperfect

Sometimes people tell me that a picture of them wasn't good... and I look at it and say WHAT. For the record I toss all the really horrid pics. Only the beautiful ones are left. The poem "The Perfect Imperfect" ponders the perfection of the seen imperfect.

The Perfect Imperfect

The moment was of nearly grace
perfection on the edge of space
yet there was something there
that marred the ideal place.

That little thing most could not see
manifest large in the eyes of thee
your ire was felt inside
others do not grasp the why.

Know my friend, dear subject
of this photo not meant to hurt
instead the intent was to praise
the beauty you may not claim.

The smile may be absent
or the attention distressed
neither of these matter
when the soul is revered.

The imaged captured the slice of time
only present in eternal's blink
never to arrive this way again
such is the magic an image brings.

The veil of the future will hold this dear
the blemishes not seen after all the years.
An echo of past lost to that present
will warm the heart in photo's presence.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160524.
Tags: perfection, photography, poem

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