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Poem - Edge of Speech

My dialogues with other dancers during events have continued, and I have to say I very much enjoy them. The poem "Edge of Speech" reflects on both the barriers to communication, and the rewards achieved by moving beyond the edge of speech.

Edge of Speech

Standing on the edge of speech
you are the one I'd like to reach
across the gap of awkwardness
let's entwine words to share ourselves.
Circumstance does not force our hand
there is free will at our command
with words there are so many ways
to find a bridge from you to me.

Here is a desire to know another
break down the barriers of age or class
put away the gender or the race
find another human to fill the world.
We are more different than similar
this is the appearance made false by words
the grays lay between black and white
into this the dialogue will flow.

This is something so much bigger
greater than the sum of parts
the separate you and detached me
melded by utterances of verbal unity.
In time the silence will suffice
knowing that we relate beyond sounds
for now we'll step across the line
to reach the one on the other side.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160525.
Tags: communication, poem, speech

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