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Poem - Blues Again

When I write poems like “Blues Again” I draw from personal experiences. Now that I (mostly) know how to dance Blues properly, I’ve quite fallen in love with the dance form. I’ve had moments with really special partners that gave me inspiration to share these thoughts in prose form.

Blues Again

You're my partner for a time
not enough to heal the wounds
just enough to sooth the hurt
we'll keep it close enough
sink to the ground as we move
find the groove to move the feet.

In this worldly in between
what is and what cannot be
you are the bridge to sanity
this may be what fates allow
a brief visit with a beauty
under the spell of the Blues.

Only God knows if my intents are good
a child lost in the hands of dance
where the Devil may have his time
divinity hear my heartfelt plea
if this is sin than damn my soul
I think it not because the need is pure.

The music is the intimates' muse
asking for the barriers to relent
guiding the separate to combine
please hold tight to me lovely one
now close in spirit as space relents
bodies' heat is spirit's same.

We may do this once a week
a pity given what we've found
connect absent for hours in between
I'll take this glimpse of affinity
dance the Blues with me
I’ll pray I won't be blue again.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160527.
Tags: blues, dancing, poem

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