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Poem - So Much Beauty

I've been listening to Torres on Spotify. She has lyrics of anger and pain, and I was left to ponder the reasons behind these. It didn't take much imagination given has the world slights the individual, only to latter deny that ill intent was meant. The poem “So Much Beauty” considers this line of thought.

So Much Beauty

How could so much beauty
cover a rage waiting to explode
on a world that forgot
the fate it called upon itself?

Memories are absent in the elders
gaps where your value should be
now lost to the breadth of time
just as your empathy seems to be.

Your peers are now perplexed
now unaware of their cruelty
callous pranks of yesteryear
imposed upon the younger self.

Most absent is your own insight
into how you arrived on this day
at a place when beauty hides
the damage none seem to see.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160528.
Tags: beauty, poem, suffering

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