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Poem - Four Letter Words

A friend asked what the difference between love and lust was. I pondered this, realizing that they share many aspects for me. They can both come on with varying speeds and then remain for indeterminate times. The outcome, connection, is shared by both. Either can be one-side, not reciprocated by circumstance or choice. The two are not mutually exclusive, but they can exist without the other. There are upsides and downsides to each. Another response to this question gave me the answer: lust is predicated on an intimate connection of some sort. Intimate meaning one of close proximity, be that proximity inches away or an internet in distance.

This answer is not the only one, but it is how I am wired. I have this relationship with beauty and desire. This drives my poetic output. I have love come over me, completely separate from the swirling vortex of lust. I honor both, though I welcome love with wariness, knowing that I love far fewer people that I lust for, and the love connections ask for so much more. The poem “Four Letter Words” speaks to the puzzle of love and lust, and how they are incredibly similar before the difference appears.

Four Letter Words

Four letter words beginning with L
each with the pluses and so many ills.
I'll share what I know by experience hard gained
from a lifetime well met with plenty of each.

Each may come quickly or creep as a thief
no matter the method the end is the same.
The timing is suspect, no schedule to meet
either quick like a bunny or slow like a snail.

The duration is varied not tied to the method
because each has the chance of lasting a lifetime.
A decade like yesterday, the vision is blurred
when emotions submit as thralls of the Ls.

Connections are made each one has its hooks
that link the unwary and stir the snared breath.
To repay the attention is never the promise
of either the ways of attention passed to the world.

There is one small difference the crux of the variance
between the L of the heart and the L of the loins.
The latter has needs intimacy is the must
no matter the bond no matter the miles.

I lust for the world, slave to beauty I see
I fall to my knees in prayer to Potho's call.
Yet beyond the intimate, the fae ties of this life
are Demeter's chains holding me to honesty.

Four letter words beginning with L
each with power inherent each asks its due.
The numbers may have the former
the latter I hold for the fewer you.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160529.
Tags: connection, love, lust, poem

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