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Blog - Plan to Blog More!

I began blogging in 2006. The entries are still available for viewing if you know where to look! In 2007 I switched over to blogging on a near daily basis and continued the practice until 2009. Fast-forward to 2013. I picked up the daily practice, shortly transitioning from traditional blogs to poetry postings.

During both periods, 2007 to 2009 and 2013 till today, I blogged on a daily basis as both a connection to the world and a means to exercise my creative side. The former, connection, was my emphasis in 2007. The latter, creativity, is my emphasis during recent years. With that said, there are days even now that the online sharing reminds me that I should keep on keeping on.

The online social world has been very kind to me as I've posted about my life through commentary and prose. Knock on wood, I've had not any major troll attacks. I'm blissfully unaware of mass desertions from my social pages because of what I've said. While it is a truth that many viewers of my postings came for my photos, I am glad they've stayed for the rest.

During 2013 till now “the rest” has consisted of poetry with commentary. I'll tell you a secret. It is easier to say controversial or uncomfortable things through poetry. Call it poetic license or the ability to more easily turn the eye from a madman's prose. “I'm sure he didn't mean that” could be the mantra. The same is not true for a blog entry. Words are more concrete. Opinions are easier to form. IMO it takes a very brave person to speak their mind through a straight blog entry, especially if they are straying form the straight and narrow. An observant person would see that I often crooked and I am very often wide in scope. This works in poetry, but dare I speak my mind outside of lyrical license?

In response to the question “dare I speak?”, the answer is yes. I'm going to continue my poetry while returning to my blogging roots more often. There are things I would like to share that won't fit nicely into the mutable box of poetry. What will I encounter? There's one way to find out, and that is by doing. Join me on this adventure and feel free to comment when you see a blog entry!
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