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Poem - One More Pill

The poem "One More Pill" is a metaphorical description of the things we use to distract ourselves from truly living. These distractions, taken to the worst case ending, will result in removing us from life.

One More Pill

One more pill
to remove the pain
to wake me up
to send me to sleep
to ramp me up
to calm me down.

One more pill
mix it with the liquor
mix it with my pain
find it in the bottle
find it in the alcohol
follow it in the end.

One more pill
just what I need
get that end I want
find the silver lining
beyond the pain
beyond the pain.

One more pill
still feeling the same
waiting for effect
perhaps another
if that won't do
put down another
added for good measure.

One more pill
never going back
now that I'm here
in my comfy place
in the no pain place
in the numb numb place.

One more pill
to remove the pain
to remove my life
to send me to sleep
in the no pain place
in the numb numb place.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160531.
Tags: addiction, medication, poem

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