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Poem - The Year 22

There are some years that are hallmarks to your life's progression. I heard a friend talking about the year 22, one year beyond official adulthood with many more to go (one hopes!). I remember that time, dimly, and now I am better for the years that have passed since then.

The Year 22

Please take me back
to the year 22
when I was young
and not so old
when I knew some things
with miles yet to go.

Turn back the days
to that magical year
the hundreds of months
each with four weeks
the dozens of seasons
marked by turning of trees.

Make me so fresh
out of youth's arms
eager to love
wondering how it all works
new to adulthood
with so much to learn.

In the year 22
I live in my heart
the years stayed in place
while I play my part
as the person moved forward
to this here and now
just as eager to learn
as my counter was young.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160602.
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