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Poem - Burn the Torch

Pictures of puppies together trigger discords against puppy mills. Photos of micropigs summons the online mob. The internet is the jumping off point for crusades looking for an audience to save.

Burn the Torch

I witness and react towards all
the source from deep inside
from deity of the my selection
asking that for the blood now due.

My assumptions are my safety net
the fears are based on old beliefs
sanctified with years of use
solidified by the test of time.

I know what I witness here
matters little in comparison
to that which consumes me whole
in a fury with more smoke than fire.

Don't pour water on the flame
I'll burn the torch for all to see
don't place the truth on my rage
the latter is where I long to be.

The topic is close enough
to push my soapbox to the front
to make a statement that all can hear
to save humanity from itself.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160603.
Tags: activist, cause, poem

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