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Poem - Stranger

The poem “Stranger” is about the difficulty of knowing the self. We hide behind fears and opinions of others, with these being the true(r) self behind the social mask so faithfully maintained.


There is a stranger in the world
the foreigner with ways too strange
to be considered one of the pack
to be seen as human like the rest of us.

There is a stranger in our land
an outlander compared to our kind
with speech and manner so confused
to make them unwanted at this time.

There is a stranger down the road
the transient not approved by the Lord
damnation's child at their heart
fallen one to be estranged.

There is a stranger next to you
a visitor when none was due
divergent thoughts pouring forth
contaminates so close to make one sick.

There is a stranger in the mirror
an alien in human guise
seeing all as outsiders hellion sent
knowing all are the stranger me.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160604.
Tags: masks, poem, revelation, stranger

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