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Poem - Nag Champa

I danced with a friend who smelled of Nag Champa, an Indian incense with the ingredients of various resins and sandalwood. Encountering it was a very pleasant surprise as I often burned sticks of the incense many years ago.

Nag Champa

She smelled of Nag Champa
with a look blessed by magic
as the fragrance that hovered
over beauty's enchantment.

Her smile was earth's delight
grounded in pleasure's kindness
granted to those she met
with blessings of a hallowed space.

The sandalwood spoke two tongues
solemn in celebration's voice
mischief in mockery of pious things
entwined as breath of her sexiness.

The sacred was held in duality
humanity asked to rise above
frailty evoked by life's hardship
achieved through strength of self revealed to all

My memories moved to older times
when the aroma was part of life
by the younger self I was
evoked by the one in the now.

Meditation was the end result
thoughts of continued bliss
with the one who carried forth
the redolence of gods' incense.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160605.
Tags: attraction, poem

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