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Poem - Jokers

I had the inspiration to write a poem about jokers when I saw a picture of Heath Ledger on Tumblr. The political news of the day turned this inspiration to a poem about politics.


There are jokers in the deck
we've stacked the cards in the end
with shouts of righteous rage
with exclamations of life undone.

Red joker, black joker
where there should be none
we thought these were removed
now they are back by two.

One by journey of many miles
one carried by an angry mob
neither are loved by many
each is the best alternative.

I'll pray that the joker is not the Trump
you may vote for who you want
in the end our hearts will bleed
as all good animals lay down to cry.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160607.
Tags: poem, politics

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