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Poem - Better Than She Can

I was listening to internet radio (Spotify) and heard the song “Better” by Banks. It has the line “I can love you better than she can”. This struck me as the theme of Trump's election campaign, so I wrote pseudo lyrics that could be sung by him.

Better Than She Can

You've got another choice
she won't treat you right
I can love you better
I can hold you better
I can rule you better
than she can.

Liars know their own kind
I can tell you they are one
my sweet words will mold your soul
she seeks to only to abuse the same.

I'm your sugar daddy she abhors
I'll protect your big money
no matter what I whisper by the pillow
you know where my bread is buttered.

Your money will remain in pocket
our enemies will be dispatched
the lesser ones will be in their place
this coddling is what I promise.

I'm greater than you can believe
allow the narcissism to wash over you
you'll really really like me
you'll be a big fan of mine.

I'm the one you wish you were
reality star with a model wife
model citizen of the upper crust
ready to get down with the louts.

You'll only cry at night
we need to be great again
I can love you better
I can hold you better
I can rule you better
than she can.
© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160610.
Tags: poem, politics, trump

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