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Poem - Cute in Diversity

I took a political poll that pegged me as being socially progressive. I am not on this side of the fence because of blanket liberal social crusading. I am actually conservative in some areas, these being gun control, purpose of military, and personal responsibility. I am instead socially progressive in allowing people to have control over their lives in the areas of relating to others. It bothers me when dictums on the compatibilities of race, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, lifestyle choices, and social status are carved in stone with a fervor approaching religion. I am further bothered when religion is doing the carving. We are all different. The norm is the exception. It is hard enough to find a person with which there is mutual affection. While the guardians believe their barriers are there to protect, the small safeguards realized for them and theirs are a detriment to a larger society.

Cute in Diversity

If I thought you were cute
would that damn my soul?
If I thought you were sexy
would the damnation go double?
Our connection is troubled
by standards of common codes
yet there is an attraction
that others may not understand.

Life is too short to walk away
from a shining glow in my shade
where the gloom threatens me
pulling at my sanity.
To be together for just at time
to put alone by the side
I'll rejoice that I'm not blind
to the unity beyond pure sight.

I'm not saying we should marry
this may not be possible
I'm just saying you're the bomb
that this fuse would love to light.
The explosion can fill the world
or light the ember in my soul
it is up to us to find the measure
of this attraction others quarrel.

It is enough to smile in respect
towards a gem found in the rough
when smile is returned by another one
seeing beyond the walls of truth.
This truth is only a comfort zone
for those who seek to make a world
with measures bent to their model
of who they are and what they want.

We climb the walls to look over edge
at the beauty found in the queer
in the strange and in the weird
these are words to our ears.
Our larger truth lays outside of fences
erected by those who feel the normal
when the bigger truth is found
in the breadth of diversity.

Unlikely attraction is the end
laughing in the face of detriments
be they age or race, status or gender,
you've become a world to me.
With gravitation beyond the mark
of standards set by guardians
I'll voice my preference on this day
to tell you that cute fills my sway.

© 2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20160612.
Tags: attraction, diversity, poem

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