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Blog - Reactions to Orlando Shooting

I wrote the poem "Cute in Diversity" before I realized the full extent of the Orlando nightclub shooting. Diversity, especially in realizing the lifestyle most comfortable to people, is important to me.

The aftermath of the shooting is unfolding. What I see is both sobering, compassionate, disgusting, and tragically human. The sobering part is that the message restated that lbgt people are still persecuted by hate crimes, no matter what a larger (in control) populace would like to think. The compassionate is introduced in the outpouring of sentiments for the victims and their families.

The disgusted appears when the likes of Donald Trump use this for political feed, when too many of his followers secretly praise the gunman for taking this terrible action. It is tragically human, in the most sad way, to know that some number of my fellow humans are inwardly rejoicing while expressing dread at what happened. I pray everyone can see that we are all one hate crime away from being killed. It just takes a person with a moral imperative to do the harm.
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